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The Little Game Master:

Of Bards and Bullies

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Brad, Gwen, Sam, Aleese and Zack come together again and continue their journey through their imaginary world, this time, accompanied by Sam's older brother Will. Not understanding the game the group is playing, Will ridicules the group until he too is brought into the story.

The Little Game Master: Of Bards and Bullies encourages understanding, and the importance of empathy, all while showing children the wonders that can be found at a table with friends.

The Little Game Master

The Little Game Master is a book about five friends who, when confronted with boredom, are drawn into the world of table top role playing games. They quickly realize the opportunities for fun and adventure that are available in their own minds.

Little Game Master in the Press

"The Little Game Master" has gotten a little bit of attention from some pretty amazing places. You can see articles about the book on Geek and Sundry's website:

The Players

BRAD is friendly, outgoing, and always looking out for his friends, so it is fitting that his character of choice would be a knight. He loves technology and is always on the look out for new games to play.

Gwen is a sweet but stern young lady who has a penchant for following the rules. Her ability to recall details makes her ideal for questing and solving puzzles. 

Sam is an avid sports fan, supporting his local professional and collegiate teams with a fervor. In addition to his athletic tendencies, he has a quick mind and uses it for strategic advantages when needed.

Aleese is personable, polished, and charismatic. She is talkative, and her eagerness to debate with her friends can make for trying conversations. She will almost always talk her way into or out of trouble. 

Zack is The Little Game Master. He is the ring leader behind the game the friends play, and the chief storyteller of the group. He reads constantly, be it comics, novels, or game instructions.

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