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Welcome to Randall Hampton Art and Design

Randall Hampton is the Ennie nominated creator of the table top roleplaying game Little Game Masters, author and illustrator of The Little Game Master series of children's books, illustrator to the TTRPG community, and wizard of the third coast.

Little Game Masters has been nominated for
"Best Family Game" of 2024 at the ENNIES!

we are proud to announce the Little Game Masters has been nominated tfor "Best Family Game" of 2024 at this years Ennies. The awards ceremony will be on August 2nd in Indianapolis. 

Voting for the Ennies will begin soon, so go to the Ennies site and vote for your favorite Family game, Little Game Masters!

Little Game Masters Core Rule Book
Adventure Advent

Specializing in graphic design, illustration and conceptual design, I offer personal service and expert results.

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